Beginning of Forensic Dentistry

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Lollia Paulina

The earliest dental identification began with the Agrippina and the Lollia Paulina case. Shortly after her marriage in the year 49 A.D to Claudius, Emperor of Rome, Agrippina, began plotting to secure her position.
Because she feared that the rich divorcee Lollia Paulina might still be a rival for her husband, Agrippina soon decided that it would be safer if Lollia Paulina was dead. Agrippina sent her own soldiers to kill Lollia Paulina, the soldiers were instructed to bring back her head. Cutting off the head after inflicting death was not uncommon in those days, the only positive proof of death being visual. Agripinna stared at the severed head, unable to recognize the distorted face; she parted the lips with her fingers looking for Lollia Paulina’s teeth, which were known to have certain distinctive characteristics. Only then was she satisfied that it was Lollia Paulina.
It marks the first use of dental identification of which there is record. 

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